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Conditions for Trade Visitors

Visitor Profile for each Venue :

– Trade Visitors and General Public (August 2-5, 2017)


WOFEX TRADE (World Trade Center)
– Trade Visitors only (August 2-4, 2017)
– Trade and General Public (August 5, 2017)
– Trade Visitors are individuals that are any of the following :
* Visitors sent a VIP ID in advance
* Visitors sent a complimentary invitation (note that age restriction still applies)
* Visitors that qualify in any of the following categories :

Business Owners Exporters Relevant Government Agencies
Caterers Food Manufacturers Restaurateurs
Chefs Food Processors Supermarket Owners
Culinary Schools(Academe) Grocery Owners Upper Management
Decision Makers Importers and others as may be deemed
Distributors On-line Registrants qualified by the organizers
Entrepreneurs Purchasing Officers of the expo

Visiting The Two Venues :

– Park at either World Trade Center or SMX Convention Center
– Registration available in WTC and SMX
– Successful registrants at WTC are automatically qualified to visit SMX
– Only registrants that qualify as Trade in SMX are automatically qualified to visit WTC
– Non-trade visitors will not be allowed entry in WTC from August 2-4, 2017 but will be allowed on August 5.
– Luggage Counters available in both venues for your convenience
– Free shuttle buses for registered visitors and exhibitors available to and from both venues
– Minimum frequency of the shuttle is every 30 minutes
– Shuttle buses located at front of WTC and at the back of SMX, follow signages

Visitor Restrictions :

– Only 16 year old and above allowed entry
– No student groups allowed without prior arrangements with the organizers
– Approved student groups are limited to enter between 10am to 2pm only
– Business attire is highly recommended
– No shorts, no slippers, no sando
– No firearms or any deadly weapon
– Both venues are “no smoking” areas
– P200 will be charged for those without complimentary invitations / registration
– No solicitation, leafleting, product selling without prior approval
– Organizers reserve the right to refuse entry as may be deemed necessary

Visitor Do’s :

– For trade buyers, it is best to visit the expo on the 1st two days, taking note of the allowed time for the student groups
– Due to the numerous activities in both venues, plan your visit well so you won’t miss on an important activity
– Fill up the form at the back ahead of time and prepare your business card for a faster registration procedure